Our own 'Moon Under Water'

“My favourite public-house (is) the Moon Under Water. Its clientele…. consists mostly of ‘regulars’ who occupy the same chair every evening and go there for conversation as much as for the beer. If you are asked why you favour a particular public-house, it would seem natural to put the beer first, but the thing that most appeals to me about the Moon Under Water is what people call its ‘atmosphere’.”

George Orwell, Evening Standard, 9 February 1946

The Team

Here at the Gin Trap we are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

Sophie Daniels

A true Ringstead native dedicated to creating the most memorable guest experiences and showcasing the very best our coast has to offer. Roots firmly planted in the hospitality field from a young age, if it's not in the blood, it's definitely in the water.

Stuart Wyllie

Self taught chef born and bread into the Norfolk restaurant scene, via the north of Scotland. Passionate about good bread, great beer and developing the next generation of chefs in North Norfolk.

David Lamyman

A hospitality lifer who likes nothing more than seeing people enjoying a drink and something to eat. Sometimes plays golf badly.