Pub Garden

‘Many as are the virtues of the Moon Under Water (The Gin Trap), I think that the garden is its best feature, because it allows whole families to go there….’

George Orwell, wrote in the Evening Standard in 1946 about his favourite pub, The Moon Under Water, ‘The great surprise of the Moon Under Water (The Gin Trap) is its garden. You go through a narrow passage leading out of the saloon, and find yourself in a fairly large garden with plane trees, under which there are little green tables with iron chairs round them. Up at one end of the garden there are swings and a chute for the children. On summer evenings there are family parties, and you sit under the plane trees having beer or draught cider to the tune of delighted squeals from children going down the chute. The prams with the younger children are parked near the gate.’

Children's play area

The centrepiece of the new Gin Trap garden is the children's play area and treehouse, the perfect thing to keep your little ones amused while you enjoy a refreshing drink and maintrain a watchful eye from one of the adjoining picnic areas!